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 Football Soccer or... ?

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PostSubject: Football Soccer or... ?    Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:20 am

So not a big sports fan here but got to thinking well.. football and soccer, are depending on where you live 2 totally different things... well actually most the world follows football(soccer) and then most Americans think soccer sucks and watch Football (ala well soccer) so being the season of Football or whatever it is starting up and the way my sister and father go on and on... and yeah their team is the Miami Hurricanes and the Dolphins, granted for some reason the Seminoles are hated... yeah all (USA) Florida teams and all but I guess its a sort of sibling rivalry...

guess got a bit distracted, so assuming most ppl that read this are football fans (whatever form its called) a few questions..

1:) whats the appeal?
2:) If you like a team regardless the form of "football" which one is your fav and why?]
3:) In your opioion Football is:

A: What the Yanks (Americans) call Soccer and the rest of the world properly calls Football!
B: The All American Sport (Those darn Europeans don't know what they are missing!)
C: Who gives a frack it's a game where men chase balls....
D: Other (Please Explain)

Found this when I googled it, lol well atleast it was "entertaining" even if you don't care or mute it hehe
Football Soccer
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Football Soccer or... ?
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