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PostSubject: ATTENTION ALL!   Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:35 am

First off, let me welcome you to the new guild forums! Hopefully this place will help pull the guild even closer together by giving us a better avenue to get information out. Secondly, I want to thank Snapdragon for his hard work on this new site. Many hours were put in to make this place a bigger and better home.

I do have a few (very strong) requests from each person who joins this site. And while I cannot and will not DEMAND that it be done I am hoping that everyone does it so that things work out smoothly here.

So, below are a few requests... and a few rules (yes, there ARE a few rules... they are marked with an (*) hehe)

1. Please put your CORRECT birthday in your information. Don't have to have the right year if you don't want to but I'd like to know when everyone has their special day.

2. Please, in your signature (whether in a pic or just typing it in) you have a list of your "main" characters. (ie. mine are Tajar, Neve, and Lunaknight). This is not so we know who loot goes to and all that.... it's so we know that (1) It's not a bot and (2) We know who is posting what. Smile

Now for a few rules....

*1. Remember the first word of our guild motto. RESPECT. If someone asks a question, please show respect in answering. No question asked is a stupid question here.

*2. Please do not argue on the guild forums. If you have an issue, there are private messages.

*3. If a thread is locked for some reason, there is a good reason for it to be locked. Don't restart it somewhere else. hehe

*4. Please try not to necro posts... if they are long ago dead, leave them dead. Resurrected posts smell bad.

************** 5. Have FUN. That's what we're all here for!
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PostSubject: Re: ATTENTION ALL!   Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:53 am

Necro bump! Laughing

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