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 Serious Concern

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PostSubject: Serious Concern   Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:41 pm

I just found out about someone in our guild who posted a very hurtful note in a fellow guildies officer notes. It is hard for me to understand why someone would deliberately post something hurtful other than to just be mean. The person, who was under attack, has done nothing to warrant such an attack. This person has has been minding thier own buisness and simply wanted to play WoW in thier own way. This person understood that some didnt want to run with him/her and wasnt trying to force thier way into the attacker's game. So why would someone feel it necessary post a note that they knew would hurt this person? It was a malicious attack that not only hurt the indiviadual but created unnecessary drama for others in what is supposed to be just a game. It forced me to remove officer note privileges to all officers until such time the person who did this can step forward and admit to what they have and convince me that they was somehow justified for thier actions. Futhermore, now that so many have left wow because of this it has killed raiding in SWP in the near future. We now lost way too many peeps to raid now.

To the one that was hurt by this attack I can only say how sorry I am that we have peeps in SWP that is capable of committing such a dispicable act. But mostly, im sorry that your feelings was hurt by this. You are a good person who did not deserve what happened to you. Whether the attacker thinks you are a good player/person or not doesnt give them the right to do what they did.
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Serious Concern
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