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 Current games and servers

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PostSubject: Current games and servers   Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:16 am

Here's a list of the current games people are playing, what server they are on and guild name. Be sure to hit full reading bottom left to see all current games (from portal view)

World of Warcraft - Alliance - Staghelm  (Shadow Wolf Pride) (has paid transfers)

Star Wars, the old Republic - Sith - Shadowlands - (Shadow of the Wolf) (has paid transfers)
                                       Republic - Shadowlands (Shadow Wolf Pride)

Neverwinter - Beholder (Shadow Wolf Pride) (no transfer option at this time)

Rift - Guardian - Threesprings - (Shadow Wolf Pride)  (can transfer shards every 7 days after a previous transfer)
       Defiant - Shatterbone - (Cry Havoc) ...i think, ill have to double check on guild name

If you start playing one of these games and need to get a guild invite, you can either post a reply here with character name, post on our facebook page, or just hop on vent Smile I will update this if things change or new games get added.  Also put which transfer options are available "if" you want to transfer (not saying you have to, just listing what the option is).

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Current games and servers
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