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 What is ShadowWolfPride?

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PostSubject: What is ShadowWolfPride?   Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:46 pm

We are NOT a raiding guild. We are NOT a leveling guild. We are NOT a guild full of young teenagers who do nothing but play WoW all day.

We ARE a family guild full of middle-aged (mostly) people who love to have fun with people who they trust and respect. We are a group of friends who like to have fun sometimes raiding, sometimes leveling, sometimes just letting our inner child out to play again!

We are a guild that was created over 12 years ago. We have our ups and downs, as most families do. Some people may not like others... but they MUST show them respect.

We do not invite people into the guild just because of their spec, how much gold they have, or their gear score. We invite people in the guild to be friends who want to run with the guild... not for people to HAVE to raid. That being said, not all of our scheduled raids happen. OH WELL.

In our guild, real life family comes FIRST. We have celebrated with our fellow guild members when they have had great moments in their lives such as marriages and birth of children. We have also stayed up all night to be with a guild mate when they have lost family members. We have, in the past, helped guild mates with homework as well.

You may be wondering, after reading that, why I am talking so much about our guild mates' real lives as opposed to game lives. It's who we are. If you don't want people to care about you (NOT your character) then this is not the guild for you. We can be nosey. If we don't see someone for a while, we worry.

This all being said, we do have a few rules. Please make sure you read ALL the sticky posts before applying. Thanks and hope to see you in guild soon!

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PostSubject: Re: What is ShadowWolfPride?   Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:12 am

neve there is nothing more to add that i can see you put everything that needed to be put so there is nothing to add i agree with everything you put down in your post Smile
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What is ShadowWolfPride?
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