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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:28 pm

Respect your elders, teach the young, coorperate with the pack. Play when you can, hunt when you have to, rest in between. Share your affection, voice your feelings, leave your mark.

Most of our rules can be found within that quote above. The first word is something we take VERY serious.

1. RESPECT - This is not only talking about respecting guild leadership but respecting all people in the guild. Along with that, though, all members of the guild must show respect to other players. Bashing of others is not allowed. Now a "wow that tank sucks" post in guild chat every now and then is allowed. What is not allowed is something like "God, I just had the worst tank ever. That Zeq is a moron. .... etc". Also, bashing people in PUGs, trade chat, and so on is not allowed. Basically if your actions are not respectful, re-think them before doing them.

2. TEACH - Our guild is one that helps each other. This is not just talking about in game stuff. We all like to discuss different real life issues as well. We do sometimes debate religion, politics, and other things. Sometimes our discussions can get down right um... not PG. But as long as people remain respectful, discussions can happen.

3. COOPERATE - We do not demand that you raid with us. We do not demand that you go on instance runs with us. But we would hope that you WANT to. We don't see much point in guild members who do not do anything with the guild and who doesn't even talk in guild chat.

4. PLAY - Remember, this is a GAME. If more people would keep that in mind, there would be so much less people trying to out insult others in Trade chat.

5. HUNT - While our guild definately knows how to play, when we are working on a raid there are guidelines that all in the group MUST follow. Our Raid Leaders were chosen for their experience and knowledge of different instances and bosses. On runs they have final say-so on everything. On runs they out-rank everyone, including the guild leader.

6. REST - I can't make you log out of the game. (Although I HAVE been known in the past to ground a guild member for a failing grade at school...). Just remember that WoW is a game, not life. Smile

7. SHARE - Our guild is a family. When one of our family members has a good thing happen, whether in game or in real life, we want to know! When family has issues, we also want to know. We all like kudos and pats on the back.

8. VOICE - If you have issues regarding something going on the guild, let an officer know! If we don't see what happened, we may not know anything is going on! Voice also, things you'd like to see happen in the guild. We can't always do everything people want to do, but we can at least try!

9. LEAVE YOUR MARK - When you are in a PUG, Trade Channel, or even just in a town.... your actions reflect on our guild as long as you have the guild name over your head. Let's make sure people know that we may not be best PVPers, best on raids, or richest guild in game... but we are the BEST guild out there. Smile

Now.... we do have a few more rules, just to keep things running smooth...

1. When you are invited into the guild, you are a Pup until two things happen. (a.) You're in the guild for 30 days and (b.) The guild leader has an opportunity to speak with you one on one.

2. We use a Vent server in the guild. You are not required to use it on a daily basis but our raid leaders do require it to be used on Raids. We DO, however request that you are in vent, just so we can get to know people!

3. While we do not discriminate based on age (or anything else!), if you are under 18, you MUST state so on the recruitment application. The reason for this is that we sometimes have non-PG conversations that Neve (the guild leader) does not allow to occur when minors are in game/vent.

4. We joke a LOT in guild chat. If something is said that you are not sure if it's joking or not, whisper the person. If there is still an issue, let an officer know.

We may add more rules later. Check back here before applying!

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:15 am

I'm sorry but I live by my own rules... they just happen to be the same as the guild's Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules   Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:16 am

rule are good ,caues this guild is like another family Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules   

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Guild Rules
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