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 Form for Guild Recruits

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PostSubject: Form for Guild Recruits   Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:34 pm

Please copy and past the below questions into an email. Once answered, please send email to: swpride@ymail.com

You will be contacted in game by Piddle or Killarouge once they have time to view the email, with a time to get you guilded. Thank you for your interest in Shadow Wolf Pride!

Remember, we are NOT a raiding guild. But we are a guild that sometimes raids. Some of these questions are simply to help us know where you are in the game. It will NOT keep you from being able to join the guild.

Real Life Info:

1. Name (first name and first initial of last name):
2. M/F:
3. Age, if under 18. If over 18 just put "18+":
4. Birthday (Month and day):

Character Info:

1. Character Name:
2. Class:
3. Current Level:
4. Main Spec:
5. Professions:

Raid Info:

1. Interested in Raiding?:
2. Dates/Times best for you:

Gaming History:

1. How long have you been playing WoW?:
2. Previous games?:
3. Previous/Current Guild/Server:
4. Highest raid/instance experience:
5. Why do you want to join Shadow Wolf Pride?:
6. Do you know someone currently in Shadow Wolf Pride?


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Form for Guild Recruits
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